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New Mowassat Hospital,
Yousef Ben Hamoud Street,
P.O. Box 6681, P.Code 22077,

Telephone: +965 182 6666
Direct Line: +965 67677253
Fax: +965 25738055
E-mail: Ask@Dralm.com
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Saturday to Wednesday

Evening: 05:00 PM to 09:00 PM

My Clinic
Doctor Asmahan Almulla  
It's the first pain management clinic in the private sector in Kuwait,
located at the fourth floor of the Outpatient Clinics the Medical plaza.
Whether you suffer from acute or chronic pain our goal is to put you in control of your pain and give you back control of your life.
In the pain management clinic our team will assist you to minimize patient’s pain and suffering, improve their quality of life.

There are lot of pain types,
each one have it own effect.

Pain types are separated into many parts
such as Joint Pains, Back and Spine Pains, Cancer and Chronic Pain, Neuropathic Pain, Head and Nick Pains and Advanced Pain intervention.

My website will make it easy to my patient to follow my news and improve their knowledge about pain.

It also a chance to communicate with the audience and try to help them to treat their pain issues.

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